Chicago- Meet Your City

In 2013 the reality struck me that I did not know much about the city I grew up in and called home. Though how could I when my lifelong desire was to leave it until two years prior. Very steadily, a hunger grew to know and explore the roads, buildings, stores and faces of every part. It was in the Spring that I decided to take a trip to every neighborhood and document a piece of what I found. At the beginning, every street I turned looked intimidating- some days it was difficult to take a step out of the car. Most days it was nearly impossible to approach a stranger for a picture. Hearing the stories, dreams, plans and hopes of every person I spoke to is what truly made Chicago feel like home.

The purpose of this map is to inspire those who call Chicago home to wander from the same 6 or 7 neighborhoods they may see their entire life. For others outside the city it can be a tool to see what Chicago truly has to offer- through the photos I have taken and those being taken daily.  


To use the map, simply click on any neighborhood that catches your eye.

Found Here

These are photos I have taken in the selected neighborhood. (Disclaimer: By no means do the photos displayed in this section claim to represent an entire community or the entirety of what a neighborhood has to offer. Within some neighborhoods, I explored more than captured.)


Within this section you will find a live feed from Instagram of the most recent pictures labeled with the #(neighborhoodname). Reference to the actual hashtag used can be found under the feed. To see your photo on this page, travel to a desired neighborhood, take a photo, post the photo to Instagram using the specified neighborhood hashtag.