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I am a photographer who sees my medium as a creative service. I enjoy it, and am always looking for ways to grow in and through it.

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Mike Gugliuzza
Mike Gugliuzza


My name is Mike, and I'm a photographer.

I grew up in Chicago, Illinois. Photography first became a passion of mine in highschool when my art teacher introduced me to it. Since, I've enjoyed not just taking pictures but the entire experience of working with clients to together create beautiful, true images.

8 Years in Photography
9 Years Photoshop Experience
B.A. Communications  '14 Moody Bible Institute
I was featured on the following media outlets for my "Chicago, Meet Your City" project:

My work is done with passion

With every photo opportunity given, I have a desire to break the mold of mediocrity and passionately pursue the next level of creativity. 


I enjoy shooting concerts a lot. Having freelanced for Moody Radio photographing bands such as The Newsboys, Switchfoot, Michael W. Smith, The Getty’s, you can trust me to capture the concert better than its ever been captured before-even with that lighting.


Looking for a new headshot? Senior pictures? Promo shots? A new Facebook profile picture? I’ve been doing portraits for quite some time now. In my spare time, I enjoy shooting my friends, or anyone close to me for that matter. I recently went to the 77 neighborhoods of Chicago and took portraits of someone from every neighborhood. In other words, I want to take your portrait.


You’re looking for someone to take photos of your next fundraiser aren’t you? Looking for a photographer for that sweet-16 birthday party? Holding a formal banquet you need captured? I’ll dress up. It will be fun, your guests won’t be scared off by me. I capture many large scale formal events annually, trust me to be your professional, friendly photographer that will creatively document the evening.


That special day is coming up soon. Looking for a photographer you can trust to catch every memory of the endless day? Pick me! I’ll be that extra guest that sticks with you two from the wee hours of the morning til the car takes you away. I’ll even stay after to clean up if need be.

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